Everything begins and ends with you ♥


Just a picture of me and my boyfriend of almost 4 years, who I am currently in a long distance relationship with.

It feels very surreal still, even after being in the UK for 2 months, to say that I’m actually here, and we’re actually so far away from each other (14,202.2 km to be exact), when we were still seeing each other everyday 2 months ago.

It can get so difficult sometimes, especially with the time difference, it’s hard to find the right time just to Skype (don’t even get me started on the line breakages and horrible connections). But nonetheless, just like any other obstacle we’ve overcome, this will just be another tiny hurdle.

Woke up missing him so much, thought I’d write a post to say how truly thankful I am to have a person like him sticking it out with me and being there always.

With love ♥


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