Firsts for everything

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous and excited about posting my first sort-of outfit post. I wish I could say that this is strictly a fashion blog, with consistent posts on amazing outfits and great photography and whatnot, but I can’t.

With limited amount of money and charity shops around, I can only afford things from Primark (which by the way, is amazing), and occasionally H&M, if there’s a sale. And I beat myself up a little every time I think about all the accessories I left back home in Malaysia. Sigh.

I’m talking too much, aren’t I? Sorry, here are the pictures.








Top : Primark
Skirt : Sungei Wang
Boots : Everything 5 Pounds

I can’t (and never will) get enough of Primark. Just 5 pounds for this pretty top! The diamond shaped buttons were the ones that really sold me.

p/s: Pictures of me taken by my adorable friend, Angel, who will very likely be taking pictures of me from now on, provided she isn’t annoyed to death by me. Thank you!



10 thoughts on “Firsts for everything

  1. Jeradyne! Are you serious? Everything 5 pounds? That sounds crazy! that boots look gorgeous!

    Anyway good to see that you’re back to blogging, keep it up!

    • Kary! Haha, I know, even after converting it’s still cheap, and the quality is good! I bought another pair of wedges there, super nice.. When I come back next year you can ask me to help you buy some if you want!

      Thanks for the encouragement =D

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