Inspiration Wednesday

“The Shelter of Solitude” : Mica Arganaraz : Ben Trovaco

Portraits: Zoe Colivas (Elite Paris) by Toma B.

“Belle de Jour” : Eniko Mihalik : Vogue Spain September 2012 : Vincent Peter

Portraits : Diana Silchenko

Editorial Exclusive: “Pearls like These” : Alice Aufray : Kneon Magazine #4 August 2012 : Clarens Tyson

Kate Moss by Sonia Sieff for Elle France August 2012

I can’t quite put a finger on what my “style” is. That is, if I have any at all. But, no matter what the current type of look I’m into is, I find myself being drawn back to simplicity – the basics.

I own a Canon 500D and later on bought an 85mm lens. I personally love doing portrait photography, although I’m not all that great. I love the whole idea of capturing someone’s facial features and expressions beautifully – pigments of perfection, flaw and emotion.

Now, if only I can find someone to photograph.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Wednesday

  1. Jeradyne, we are so incredibly similar! How did we not know this before? Ha. I’m totally on the same boat with you in regards to portrait photography – I love people watching, street style and capturing candid shots of people. And I love shooting people because I can capture them in angles that only I will understand (it sounds weird but I think you know what I mean, haha) I hope you can find someone to photograph soon because my little mind is overflowing with ideas and it’s ready to explode any minute.. thankfully, I’ve organized a small little photoshoot with my friend and I hope you will stay updated for my next post 🙂

    We must definitely stay in touch to constantly exchange ideas and support one another! X

    • Cheryl, I’m not sure if you’d be happy to know this or not, since you typed out your comment all over again, but I found your comment in the spam folder!

      I never thought it would be there considering you’ve commented before. Sorry and thanks! 😦 / 🙂

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