Bunnies playing Golf

Shirt : Thrifted
Skirt : Thrifted
Bag : Thrifted
Bracelet : A church in Italy
Shoes : Shoez Obsessions (Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid)
Honestly, it was really quite a coincidence that most of the things I’m wearing from this post are thrifted, except for the shoes, which were actually pretty pricey and nothing impressive.

I’m aware that this isn’t exactly the best fitting shirt, but just look at the collar. It’s a male and a female bunny having a fun day playing golf. Considering that I’m a person who absolutely love bunnies, it would be a total sin for me not to buy this shirt.

So, I did.

And how pretty is this bracelet? It was bought during a tour to one of the churches in Italy I visited a few years back. Never really wore this much cause I was always into chunky accessories, but somehow I brought it with me to the UK, and figured it was a subtle addition to this innocent looking outfit.

Oh, excuse the messy French braid, clearly not a professional in doing them.

Have a good week ahead! =)


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