A few things







Playsuit + Belt : Primark
Cardigan : My Mum’s
Wedge pumps : Everything5Pounds
Infinity Ring : BK & JIO

I’m kind of loving every piece I’m wearing in this post, which sounds incredibly vain but it’s true.

Saw this playsuit at 7 pounds and just had to buy it, even though I knew very well I wasn’t going to be able to wear it for many months to come. Such a nice dark navy blue with lovely lace details. It also comes with a tiny thin belt with a gold buckle which is just adorable.

This oversized cardigan must be one of my favourites of my mum’s. I forgot to have a closer shot but it has these big golden buttons which are just gorgeous. It looks and feels cozy too. I miss my mum =(

You’ve heard me mention Everything 5 Pounds before. To date I have bought three pairs of shoes from there and I have yet to be disappointed. Great shoes, great comfort, great price. Gotta love the site.

Finally, doesn’t this ring seem familiar? I got this in the mail the other day and I absolutely can’t believe that my boyfriend surprised me with it. I love love love it to bits.

Good day! =)


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