Virtual Outfit


Tibi: Perforated Leather Crop Top
Floral Wool Woven Skirt in Green/Red
River Island Light Wash Leather Look Sleeve Denim Jacket
Bucco Odelia Wedge Sneakers – Juniors
Zelia Horsley Jewellery Crystal Collar Necklace
Crystal Baguette Braided Gold Chain with Black Deerskin Leather Wrap Bracelet
DJ By Dominic Jones Gold Plated Enamel Claw Ring


I’ve never been one to really experiment with the Rocker Chick look, but I like it a lot nonetheless. I just don’t think that I’ll really be able to pull off that look.

Neither do I wear anything leather, maybe it’s because I don’t own anything in leather, or anything in a leather-ish material. Maybe I ought to start.

I especially love the print of the shirt, the washed out denim on the jacket, and that gorgeous collar necklace! Seriously, how pretty is the collar necklace?  So so pretty.


Holidays have officially started. I pray that it would be productive. Hope you have a merry and productive Christmas as well. Here’s to hoping we don’t bum away our holidays. Cheers!




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