Wishlist Friday


1. Graphic Print Pullover
2. Isabel Marant Vichy Knit Pullover
3. MTWTFSS Weekday Oxy knit sweater Black
4. Cream Gold Sheer Mesh Geometric Knitted Oversized Jumper

I was never really a person who wore long sleeves, like ever. I would wear cardigans but it would always be something sleeveless underneath. I just always think it’s too bloody warm to be wearing something long sleeved. At least if I wore a cardigan over my top if I were to start sweating I could just take the cardigan off.

But, all has changed after moving to a much colder place. I now find the charm in jumpers and I think they’re just effortlessly adorable. Plus they look really nice with skinny jeans and boots, which is what I wear most of the time. It also hides all the weight you put on during winter when you just can’t stop snacking.

Holidays started a while ago and I can’t quite find myself to do the things I’m supposed to do, like my assignment. I’ve been depressed also, for missing home too much. Hopefully things get better as time goes by.


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