Wishlist Friday


1. Graphic Print Pullover
2. Isabel Marant Vichy Knit Pullover
3. MTWTFSS Weekday Oxy knit sweater Black
4. Cream Gold Sheer Mesh Geometric Knitted Oversized Jumper

I was never really a person who wore long sleeves, like ever. I would wear cardigans but it would always be something sleeveless underneath. I just always think it’s too bloody warm to be wearing something long sleeved. At least if I wore a cardigan over my top if I were to start sweating I could just take the cardigan off.

But, all has changed after moving to a much colder place. I now find the charm in jumpers and I think they’re just effortlessly adorable. Plus they look really nice with skinny jeans and boots, which is what I wear most of the time. It also hides all the weight you put on during winter when you just can’t stop snacking.

Holidays started a while ago and I can’t quite find myself to do the things I’m supposed to do, like my assignment. I’ve been depressed also, for missing home too much. Hopefully things get better as time goes by.


Wishlist Friday

I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Funny Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Hah, how funny is this? Or, is it not?

I think the typical stereotype of a law student is to be carrying heavy textbooks to class all the time. There are people here who pull their small suitcases along to class every time.

I bought two textbooks this year, and I haven’t really touched them, and it has already been about 3 months. That’s how great of a student I am.

Virtual Outfits

I figured out a pretty good way to release a bit of my stress, which is to go on Polyvore and put outfits together. Yay!

Okay, that’s a complete lie. I probably just waste my time there when I should be doing my work. Oh well, nice try though, right?

Anyway, if I’m still alive (Uni workload is killing me), I wish to consistently post two virtual outfits a week. We’ll see how that goes.

Acne Darko Alpaca Sweater, Brixton Patsy Light Brown Slouchy Beanie, Wreath Brodie Jeans
Pink horse print knitted snood, Georgia Leather Watch – Light Brown
Frye Cameron Small Satchel Bag, Cognac, Chinese Laundry Milana – Dark Camel Suede Boots

It isn’t exactly high fashion or anything, but with the weather freezing me off it’s kind of hard to put in an effort to really dress up. So I put together a rather practical outfit, although, let’s be honest with ourselves, wearing this in UK at this time of the year? I’d probably still freeze to death.

When I first saw the batwing sweater I had the urge to just put it on and roll around in my bed till I fall asleep. It just looks that comfy to me. I’ve always liked brown and grey, so I just put them together.

H&M Dress,Kimberly McDonald 18-karat rose gold, geode and diamond earrings
Lanvin Band Chokerrose Gold, Nixon Kensington Rose Gold
Hammered Ring, Finn: Love Knot Ring in Rose Gold, Gucci Gold & Rose Quartz French Horn Cocktail Ring
CARTIER Rose Gold Love Bangle Bracelet Size 21 at 1stdibs, Gold Jewelry Hermès Bracelets, Sam Ubhi Gold Glitter Bracelet With Heart & Rose Quartz Stone
Asos Plate And Spike Detail Waist Belt
Chinese Laundry Touch Down Peeptoe Heels – Gold Glitter

I came across this H&M dress and thought it looked so pretty, I mean, look at the sleeves and the hem, so lacy. Hah, okay, starting to sound like a bimbo now.

To be honest, I’ve never really liked Rose Gold, probably never will cause it looks weird with my skin tone. But when I was looking through the accessories I just thought Rose Gold will go pretty well with this dark emerald colour. Then I kind of got a little carried away, as you can see.

Okay, off I go!

Wishlist Friday



Infinity Sterling Silver Ring by bkandjio on Etsy

Okay so it might be a little lame on have this on my wishlist, but I’ve always always always wanted a tiny little dainty infinity ring. I saw it on a fashion blog some time ago and just thought to myself, what a pretty ring!

I was browsing through Etsy and saw this. This, my friends, is the perfect infinity ring. It’s tiny but it’s studded with rhinestones! It’s so pretty it makes me want to cry.

As usual, these things are always too expensive for me, considering I would never spend £18 on a ring, that’s RM90! I’ll just crawl back to my corner now.

I guess this is why it’s on a wishlist, and not on my finger.


p/s: For those who could afford to pay £18 for a ring, go check out their shop! It’s a dainty accessories wonderland, I promise.