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Little Mistress Nina One Shoulder DressJudith Leiber: Small Airstream Clutch
Amrita Singh Zosim EarringsAsos Trinket Studded Shoe Boots
LeiVanKash Unicorn Ring (Yellow)

I don’t own a single one shoulder dress. Being a person that has to see things in a very symmetrical way, I’ve always found one shoulder garments to be a little, well, annoying. But at the same time I’ve seen some great pieces and also some people who look really good in them.

This dress looks like something I would wear to a high school prom. It looks so pretty, and not to mention flattering.

Definitely not closing the door on one shoulder garments. I’ll get one sometime, eventually.


Wishlist Friday



Infinity Sterling Silver Ring by bkandjio on Etsy

Okay so it might be a little lame on have this on my wishlist, but I’ve always always always wanted a tiny little dainty infinity ring. I saw it on a fashion blog some time ago and just thought to myself, what a pretty ring!

I was browsing through Etsy and saw this. This, my friends, is the perfect infinity ring. It’s tiny but it’s studded with rhinestones! It’s so pretty it makes me want to cry.

As usual, these things are always too expensive for me, considering I would never spend £18 on a ring, that’s RM90! I’ll just crawl back to my corner now.

I guess this is why it’s on a wishlist, and not on my finger.


p/s: For those who could afford to pay £18 for a ring, go check out their shop! It’s a dainty accessories wonderland, I promise.